The Trophy Room Archive


Eric with his first ever bow kill.  Eric was hunting in Georgia on 19 September 2008 when he took this nice doe.  She spotted him and ran, but turned and looked back at 25 yards.  Eric had a small window through the screening brush, and he slipped an arrow through, making a solid double-lung hit.  A great example of knowing and trusting your equipment.  Here's hoping that this is the first of many trophies, Eric.              



Colton with his 5th deer...


and his dad Jason with another nice 8-pointer.


Roger with another fine Illinois buck. Roger took this dandy ten-point shot at 15 yards. He ran about 125 yards before expiring, and was rough scored at 106 2/8.

David took this white tail 11-17-08 on Jeff Freeman farm in Kentucky with BowTech "Black Ice".  It was David's first hunt on this property.  We're guessing he'll be back next year.





David and a fine 8-point eastern NC whitetail taken by bow in September, 2007.


Harvested 10:32 am  10/31/2007  in Orange County, NC
70# McPherson 38 special,  Spott Hogg Hunter Sights,  True Ball Pro Diamond Release, CAE Phantom Pro Shafts,  3 Blazar Vanes,  100 gr Montec Broadhead.
I shot this deer from my Tree Lounge, approx 25 feet high in a pine only 17 yards out, she went down within sight, approx 30 yards.


Jeff with an Illinois 9-pointer.


Roger with another fine Illinois buck...this one an 11-pointer.


Jason with a fine 8-point Kentucky buck taken with a rifle on Nov 11.

And another Kentucky buck, this time a 12-point bruiser taken with a bow by Doug on Nov 9th.




Cody with his first bow kill, September 2004


Cecil and Sam on their great bowfishing expedition.  The location of this adventure will remain a secret for reasons known only to a few.  Sam cooked up the carp and served them at one of the Thursday night club meetings.  All present agreed that it wasn't too bad.


David's youngest son with David's best bow deer, taken in Yancey County, 2005.

Here's David's oldest son Tyler with his first deer, taken with a .30-'06, fall 2005.

Eric with a fine Illinois whitetail taken with a
muzzleloader.  Fall 2005