The Trophy Room 

This page will feature our most recent photos.  If you wish to view older photos, click here.

(Remember to try to send photos that are in "good taste"... avoid hanging, skinning, obvious entry/exit wounds, tongues out, etc. in your photos.  Take a few extra minutes to make a photo that demonstrates respect for the game animal.   Our policy is to not list the full names of members, so if you want folks to know who made the harvest, be sure that YOU are in the photo with the animal!  Also provide date, location, equipment used, etc. for the captions.)    Don't forget that we have a page for digital images taken with your trail camera (and we promise not to reveal its location!!!)


Here's David with a dandy 8-pointer from Kentucky.  240 pounds live wt., and green scored approximately 140.  What a beauty.


Bill took this nice doe on a friend's property in Madison County the first weekend of November 2013. 


Bill with another Madison County deer taken on the last day of the season, 2013.