Club Photographs


Set 1: The night before our first shoot in April, 2003 we were surprised by a 5" snow. A few hearty souls braved the slick roads to shoot in the snow. (3 photos)

Set 2: Circuit Shoot #9, June 19 - 20, 2004, was attended by over 100 shooters.  Fine weather both days made for some great shooting, and all agreed that the course was tough but very enjoyable. (9 photos)

  Set 3:  Circuit Shoot #1,  February 5-6, 2005.  (6 photos)

Set 4:   Thursday nights we gather at the club for shooting and dinner.   See this page for rotating photos of Thursday night shenanigans!

Set 5:  On April 8, 2006, Blue Ridge hosted a benefit shoot to raise money for hurricane relief.  Here are 4 photos of archers shooting aerial targets.

Set 6:  Circuit Shoot #1, February 2-3, 2008.  The mornings were icy, but both day turned out to be beautiful, with more than 200 shooters in total -- a new club record.

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