P.O.Box 701, Leicester, NC  28748
                                        NOVEMBER 25,2017        
President: Ken Penley                                                                                  Vice President :Scotty Wagner
828-683-9545                                                                                               828-667-1745
Sec. / Tres. : Cecil Hall                                                                                Range Captains:   Mike Hall
828-683-3437                                                                                                                             Buddy  Ford        
This was suggested as an activity for the winter months to have a chance to get together ,shoot, and to keep the range in good shape. Obviously those who have a job may not be able to participate in this outing. Starting in DEC we will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday for lunch at 12:00 and then go to the Sluder Branch range to shoot and work. For the first one on Dec. 7 we will meet at Arby’s on Leicester Hwy for lunch.
NOTICE!! CLUB DUES ARE DUE FOR 2018..  Our year runs from January - January.  So the dues are due now for 2018. Full membership which includes NCBA is $40.00 and Associate membership which does not include NCBA for $20.00
Our Jan. club meeting and annual Christmas/ New Year season family get together/ covered dish dinner, will be Jan. 7.  We will eat at 2:00pm at Ken and Nancy Penley’s house. Plan to come and bring a dish with the family and other prospective members - it will be a great time to socialize and hear all of this years hunting stories. (bring scores and pictures). We will accept entries for our 2017 club awards and discuss upcoming events for 2018.  The circuit books for 2018 will be given out at the meeting. All members wishing to be considered for a club award requiring score - must submit an entry form with the appropriate information by the February meeting.  At the February meeting we will vote on the club awards that require voting: Most Improved, and Buck Fever.  The awards for Big Buck In-state, Big Buck out-of-state, Big Buck Adjoining State, and Big Doe  in State will be determined by score from submitted entries. So be sure to get your entry turned in.  Bowhunter of the Year and Traditional Bowhunter of the Year will be determined by the executive council.  At the March meeting we will present the club awards for 2017 and elect the new club officers for 2018 ( President, Vice President, Sec/Tres, Range Captain.)
Our winter meetings will be held on the first Thursday of the month at Ken and Nancy’s house. The dates are:  February 1 , and March 1 . We will have something to eat but feel free to bring something to supplement what we fix. Please make a note of the dates. We will meet and eat at 6:00pm.
Hope to see you at these events,  Your club officers
                    13&14                             KEOWEE                       CKT 1
                    20&21                             WESTERN                    CKT 2        
                    27&28                             TAB                               2 DAY OPEN
                    3&4                                 BLUE RIDGE                 CKT 3
                    10&11                             TAB                               CKT 4
                    17&18                             SOUTH MTN               CKT 5
                                                            KEOWEE                       2 DAY OPEN
                    3&4                                 BLUE RIDGE                 2 DAY OPEN
                    10&11                             BLUE RIDGE                 CKT 6
                    17&18                             WESTERN                    CKT 7
                    24                                    BLUE RIDGE                 1 DAY TRADITIONAL ONLY
                    31&1                               SOUTH MTN               2 DAY OPEN
                    14&15                             WESTERN                    2 DAY OPEN
                    21&22                             SOUTH MTN               CKT 8
                    5&6                                 KEOWEE                       CKT 9
                    12                                    SOUTH MTN               BENEFIT
                    19&20                             TAB                               2 DAY OPEN
                    26&27                             WESTERN                    2 DAY OPEN
                    9&10                               KEOWEE                       2 DAY OPEN
                    9                                      SOUTH MTN               1 DAY OPEN
                    16&17                             KEOWEE                       2 DAY OPEN
                    23&24                             WESTERN                    2 DAY 0PEN
7&8                                 TAB                               CKT 10
                    21                                    SOUTH MTN               1 DAY OPEN
                    11&12                             SOUTH MTN                                   2 DAY OPEN
                    11                                    BLUE RIDGE                 1 DAY TRADITIONAL ONLY
                    18&19                             KEOWEE   `                   2 DAY OPEN                                                       
            25                    Keowee           CKT CHAMPIONSHIP