Thursday Nights at the Club -- "3D and Dinner"

    Every Thursday night during Daylight Savings Time the members of the Blue Ridge Bowhunters gather at Ken's house for some much-needed practice.  20 3-D targets that are no longer good enough for tournament use are set out on the property, and everyone can shoot to their heart's content, or until it gets too dark to see.   Much good-natured ribbing, lying, and general foolishness ensues.  This is one activity that really makes this club one-of-a-kind!

   This page contains photos of Thursday night action.  I'll be rotating new ones in and dropping out older ones as time goes on, so keep checking back.

     Scotty "pulling" for his group.

  Chris and Bob watch Mike Treadway work his magic.  He can shoot almost as good as he can build a longbow!

"When will the dogs be done, Ken??"

  Jason recently took a NC state indoor archery title.  Hard to believe with eyes like that.   We consider Jason one of our special members.

President Ken holding court in the corner.  We can always count on Ken to keep the membership up-to-date on the doings in the legislature and the wildlife commission. 

Scotty and Treadway trying to stay out of trouble.